Not Really That Quiet!

[silent: adj., quiet, no sound]
[something: n., an unspecified thing, usually an object of some kind]
Basically a 16-year-old who loves good ol' cartoons, comics, and has a plethora of hobbies :)
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part of me wants to wear leather jackets and red lipstick and be super sexy and break boys’ hearts but then I also want to wear sundresses and be sweet and cute and shy and giggly but a different part of me wants to be beautiful and smart and mysterious and another part of me just wants to sit in bed and watch netflix while I eat pizza

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Magician James Galea’s Unbelievable Trick



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"If it senses sadness with its fluffy fur, a Blissey will rush over to the sad person, however far away, to share an egg of happiness that brings a smile to any face."

- Blissey’s Emerald Pokédex Entry

okay this might be the stupidest comic i’ve ever drawn.

merged version here

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ororo munroe
i am a woman, a mutant, a thief, an x-man, a lover, a wife, a queen. i am all these things. i am storm, and for me, there are no such things as limits.

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do you ever develop the dumbest crush on someone that you have no chance with and everything u do is dumb and feelings are dumb and i feel so dumb and dumbity dumb dumb

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it’s so weird that harry potter took place in the 90’s

space jam was being filmed while voldemort was taking over the wizarding world

come on and slam and welcome to azkaban

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